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Hunting in the Arabian Desert

United Arab Emirates

Daily rates for first season (until 31st March 2019) in:

Delux room (full board 1 or 2 Pax) 580 USD

One bedroom villa (full board for 1 or 2 Pax) 705 USD

Two bedroom villa (full board for 2 or 4 Pax) 1,225 USD

Three bedroom villa (full board for 6 Pax) 8,160 USD

Trophy fees (for staying guests only):

Arabian Oryx 17.200 USD

Arabian Sand Gazelle (Reem) 2.800 USD

Mountain Gazelle (Domani) 2.800 USD

Note: Arabian Oryx is listed under CITES Appendix I and as “endangered” by USFW / ESA. Arabian Sand Gazelle (or Reem) and Mountain Gazelle (or Domani) are both not listed under CITES, yet the Sand Gazelle is listed as “endangered” under USFW / ESA. Hence, import of sport-hunted trophies of Arabian Oryx and Sand Gazelle into the United States will be difficult at the moment, even though not impossible. Work is in progress to change this situation within the next 3-4 years.

Females are not allowed to shoot


  • firearms renting and bullets

  • binoculars if needed

  • vehicle during the duration of the hunt on the hunting area

  • services of a professional hunter for the duration of the hunt

  • drinks and water provided during hunts

  • breakfast & meals

Not included:

  • daily rates and trophy fees

  • intercontinental flights, other travel expenses or personal expenses

  • airport assistance upon arrival/departure at Dubai or Abu Dhabi airports and transfers:450 USD (round trip)

  • field preparation of trophies and documents for shipment (including veterinary certificates and Government permits): aprox. 850 USD

  • transport & shipping until final destination

  • gratuity for staff & PH;

  • any kind of insurances

The hunt will normally take 2-3 days (one hunter at a time, 1x1)

Hunting season goes from October to March, due to the high temperatures in summer.

From January 2018 a Government tax of 5% on final price will be charged

Recommendations for your trip and equipment:

§ sunblock spf 20 or more

§ mosquito repellent for evenings when outside

§ decent hat while in desert

§ some sort of scarf and good sunglasses to protect yourself against sandstorms and wind

§ comfortable shoes for desert walking and gators to keep sand from shoes

§ good Binoculars

§ range finder

§ light natural colored clothing (khaki or sand color) like Columbia clothing type material.

§ decent camera (optional)

§ Dress code for female companions is as follows: keep legs covered to ankles as well as upper arms and shoulders, head dress is not required.

§ The UAE is a Muslim country but is very relax about expats and tourists; it is, however, viewed in high regard when the culture as well as religion is respected.

§ for insurance of personal belongings: this is a very low petty crime zone. It is advisable to have a health insurance as well as for the repatriation of remains in the event of death.

§ Americans citizens can obtain a visa at the airport for about 100 USD.

The import of own rifles and ammunition as well as bow and crossbow is allowed, but you would need to fill some documents in order to get the necessary permits prior to your departure. The required application forms can be obtained from Mayo Oldiri.

In case you prefer not to carry your own arms, high-quality rifles, scopes and ammunition are available for you in Telal:

§ 308 Merkel RX Helix

§ .243 Heym

§ .243 Steyer Manlicher

If you buy your tickets with Emirates airlines in business class, the airline will take care of your transfers to the hunting resort.

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