Happy Holidays 2019

Hello friends !Our team AyHsafari wish you happy holidays !We want to offer you important discount of the hunts!



    Hunting gives us the chance to observe nature and wild life in their natural habitat. Which otherwise would be impossible to see in the concrete jungle we live.


        We can feel lots of different experiences, it all depends in the aptitude of each person... Being lost in the other part of the world with your friends to find your precious trophy, waiting for Wild Boars in the crops at night or being the witness of a Brown Bear fight.


    Before going this far, each hunter must experience being alone in nature, observing and learning from it. There is where we can truly find freedom and independence.
To be a hunter means you can identify trees, grass, birds and mammals and its sounds or their tracks. The deeper the will of this knowledge, the more interesting and lively the experience of Hunting becomes.


    Come and enjoy our hunts with AyH Safari!





        Hennadiy Velychko


Tel. +34 622 11 55 59

Tel. +34 629 89  44 35




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Carnero de yakutia 100% garantizada la medalla , con el mejor equipo de Yakutia , con ellos se han cazado los 10 entre los 20 mejores del mundo.